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In the same way that we don't see with our eyes but with our brain,
we don't hear with our ears, we perceive sounds with our mind.

(last update: November 2016)

 Jiayin Gao 高佳音
PhD in Phonetic sciences,

Laboratoire de Langues et civilisation à tradition orale (LACITO)
Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie (LPP)

E-mail: jiayin.gaoarobase.bmpuniv-paris3.fr
My page on the LACITO website.
My page on the LPP website.
Research domains:
  •  Shanghai Chinese (Wu dialects)
  •  Tamang (Tibeto-Birman) 
  •  Tone
  •  Voicing
  •  Phonation types
  •  Experimental phonetics
  •  Panchronic phonology